What’s In A Name?

Liliesleaf Farm tour guide Tracey Mmabjala Kutso Rapelego explains how opponents of Apartheid hid from police in the early 1960s. Photo by Mohini Tangri The walls are covered with the colored drawings of children. There are cards, notes and pictures, all written to honor Nelson Mandela, the first post-apartheid president of South Africa. During our tour yesterday, we visited Liliesleaf Farm where Mandela and other political leaders hid … Continue reading What’s In A Name?

The Walls Can Speak

We visited the Origins Centre Museum and the Liliesleaf Farm, a national heritage site treasured in South Africa as a reminder of its history. At the Origins Centre, we learned the “Out of Africa” theory on the beginnings of early human civilization. The exhibits with casts of prehistoric skulls were used to explain that we share 99.9 percent of our DNA with the people of Africa. Visiting Liliesleaf … Continue reading The Walls Can Speak

Other Heroes Of The Anti-Apartheid Movement

It’s a tragedy when heroes die before they achieve their goals. Today at the Liliesleaf Farm, the hideout used by the African National Congress and other Freedom Fighters in the early 1960s, we learned about lawyer Bram Fischer. His story showed us the meaning of dedication to equality. Fischer was a white Afrikaner who came from a privileged background. But his deep sense of injustice led … Continue reading Other Heroes Of The Anti-Apartheid Movement

City Of Contrasts

Johannesburg is unlike any city I have ever been. The city itself stretches for 50 kilometers, or 30 miles, outside of the downtown area. Joburg is comprised of neighborhoods and townships, each with its own distinct flavor, culture and architecture, most of which is derived from the ethnic and racial makeup of its residents. While an extremely diverse and vibrant urban landscape, Joburg still is … Continue reading City Of Contrasts

Time To Play

This past weekend we took a break from work and headed off to Pilanesberg National Park for a holiday, as they say in South Africa, and safari. When we arrived at the game lodge, I was amazed at the beautiful scenery and the lodge itself. It’s not every day that your room is just 20 feet away from a fence that’s keeping out lions! While … Continue reading Time To Play

No Kidding

This evening, we enjoyed some South African Pap and Chakalaka, a local version of grits and sauce, at a restaurant in Melville, a neighborhood in Joburg. We then headed to a nearby comedy show that featured black comedians who joked about apartheid. One of them said, “Yes, I have a white name and it confuses everyone … That’s the result of colonialism for you.” Another … Continue reading No Kidding