From Apartheid to #Feesmustfall

Today, South African journalist Thule Zwane took us to the University of the Witswatersrand (Wits) to acclimate us to the expansive campus before we delve into reporting. While sitting as a group on the street level of the communications building, Thule gave us a brief history of apartheid and how it led to the student movement #feesmustfall. She helped us see the different factions of the movement and how it touches various issues from poverty to access to education to issues of decolonization. The weekly student newspaper, Wits Vuvuzela, highlighted several of those issues in its most recent edition. We started to talk about different parts of the movement we want to cover. We decided to focus on how poverty and education are inseparable, how poor students are coping with the costs of higher education, and how some protestors use art to express themselves and their views of the various parts of the movement.

–Myers McGarry