Officially, Communications Consultants

We arrived in South Africa just two days ago, and it’s already been a whirlwind of a trip. This morning, our group traveled to the offices of Jo’burg Child Welfare for the very first time. For those who aren’t familiar with the organization, for over 100 years, it has worked to improve the lives of the Johannesburg area’s impoverished youth through protection, adoption, foster care, residential care, education and training services. After touring the nonprofit’s workspace, we hit the ground running and sat down with a few of its representatives to discuss how we can best be of service over the next three weeks. Together, we determined that our main goal will be to work as “communications consultants” and identify and implement strategies to increase private donations to the organization. In the coming days, we will begin a few projects aimed at addressing public relations challenges within the nonprofit that we plan on finishing in full by the conclusion of our trip. So far, we’ve discussed upgrading and enhancing the organization’s website by adding video content, improving and standardizing its social media presence, and creating a training manual to help future communications volunteers continue the work we will begin. We’ve certainly got a lot to accomplish over the coming weeks, but we’re confident we can get the job done and be ready to make a difference for this organization.

–John Tompkins