Other Heroes Of The Anti-Apartheid Movement

It’s a tragedy when heroes die before they achieve their goals. Today at the Liliesleaf Farm, the hideout used by the African National Congress and other Freedom Fighters in the early 1960s, we learned about lawyer Bram Fischer. His story showed us the meaning of dedication to equality. Fischer was a white Afrikaner who came from a privileged background. But his deep sense of injustice led him to reject his privilege. He gave up numerous opportunities to take positions of power because of his ideals. When Liliesleaf was raided and 10 men, including Nelson Mandela, went on trial on charges of treason, Fischer led their defense. His work in court saved the accused from death sentences. He was eventually thrown into prison himself because of his membership in the Communist Party, a banned organization. He developed brain cancer and was denied treatment. After he was sent home to die, his ashes were confiscated by the Apartheid government and never given to his family.
–Mohini Tangri