Scars Take Time To Heal

What has changed since Apartheid? Matome Mokgoloboto, the program administrator of the Masibambisane Daycare Centre in Eldorado Park, says he can be friends with anyone and date anyone. But he wonders what does that do for him? Despite the end of Apartheid, Matome says he believes that South Africa has not changed much. I think he’s right. On our visit to Orange Farm, a township in the Gauteng Province, yesterday, Thandi Mfene, a social auxiliary worker for the Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development, said that many people there are unemployed and struggling financially. This leads to domestic violence, rape and drug abuse. However, on the other side of Johannesburg is the suburb of Westcliff, which is dotted with mansions. It is monitored by 24-hour security services and the neighborhood has an exclusive atmosphere. Why is it that these two areas in the same province are so different? Even after Apartheid, South Africa struggles to undo decades of oppression. Much like the United States, South Africa continues to learn from the past, but its people look toward the future. But Matome says that it will take a long time for Apartheid’s scars to heal.
–Elizabeth Mugo