‘Why Do Some People Live This Way, And We Live Another?’

On Sept. 21, 1984, Dede Kgotso Ntsoelengoe was brought to Robben Island, a place off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, where convicted political activists were imprisoned during the Apartheid regime. Over the weekend, I listened to him talk about his experiences as I sat in the cell where he spent nearly seven years of his life along with nearly 60 other men. At … Continue reading ‘Why Do Some People Live This Way, And We Live Another?’

Scars Take Time To Heal

What has changed since Apartheid? Matome Mokgoloboto, the program administrator of the Masibambisane Daycare Centre in Eldorado Park, says he can be friends with anyone and date anyone. But he wonders what does that do for him? Despite the end of Apartheid, Matome says he believes that South Africa has not changed much. I think he’s right. On our visit to Orange Farm, a township in the Gauteng … Continue reading Scars Take Time To Heal

Finding My Color In The Rainbow

I’ve never felt more Indian in my life than during my time in South Africa. Indian Americans usually experience positive discrimination: People assume we are intelligent, hard working and conservative. But not in South Africa. Apartheid targeted colored immigrants from all over the world. Only 30 years ago, Indians in South Africa experienced a level of blatant racism that I was aware of before I … Continue reading Finding My Color In The Rainbow